Around Dover by private limousine

Beautiful white cliffs guard the English coastline, and when the sun caresses their shapes they almost appear to be ghosts. A neat observer imediately sees the difference between the morning white and the afternoon white, depending on the position of the sun. At the foot of the cliffs is the fortified port Dover and on top reigns Dover Castle.

Dover to London by private limousine

Dover city is located in the home county of Kent, in South East England and it’s placed on River Dour’s Valley. The district has a population of 160,400 out of which 28,156 live in Dover.

Dover Port is one of the oldest and most crowded port in the world, with over 170,000 passangers annualy going ashore, this considering only the cruise ships. And you should consider the fact that Dover Port is the operation base for hundreds of ferries, coming and leaving several times a day. You might say Dover is the gate to England and if you want to get to Dover you can travel by sea with ferries, crossing the English Channel, or by train or car, using the underwater tunnel Dover to Calais (Eurotunnel).

Dover has always had a strategic position, this being proven by a multitude of archeological discoveries in the area, leading to the conclusion that the port was and still is an important element for goods shipping, but also for coming and going persons. It is fair to say that the English Channel is the most crowded shipping lane in the world. Ferries are constantly negotiating their way if they want to reach their destination in time. If you are in Dover on business, and if punctuality is a defining trait of yours, you will definitely need a private limousine to get you on time to your business meetings. Also, this is important because you want to send the right message to your business partners: you are a successful and powerful business man and you are not to be toyed with.

Besides ferries, Dover has a constant flux of cruise ships, each of those having on board hundred of tourists.When you arrive in Dover, you find an old city, where you can discover hidden gems, just waiting for you to find them. Dover Castle is one of these gems; it’s a place where you can imagine the royal court of King Henry II and the medieval world. Although it was built in 1180, in XXth century was still in use, when the secret tunnels stood as antiaircraft shelters.

DoverAnother castle where you can almost feel the past is Deal Castle, a great example of Tudor artillery castles in England. And if you like ruins, you will find Richborouh Roman Fort and Amphitearte to be delightful as this is the place from which Romans started the invasion of Britain in AD 43. Also you can visit a roman painted house built about AD 200, with unique frescoes and underfloor heating. Besides these, you will find enchanting houses, many made of stone, misterious pubs, the extraordinary city cathedral, the magnificent Town Hall founded in 1203, the Knights Templar Church and many other marvelous attractions.

Imagine that you could visit all these places without the endless fatigue, without the noise of the street, not worrying about the weather, without dealing with the crowds of tourists or business persons. Imagine you can relax and enjoy the days you spend in Dover without thinking where is the street you need, where is the attraction you want to visit, what is the business building you are looking for. Just pure pleasure, pure relaxation and great business mood.