Short history of Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace located in the City of Westminister is the official London residence of the British monarch, the palace is a setting for royal hospitality and state occasions. Buckingham Palace is one of the most visited places in London, for millions of visitors – official residence of the Royal Family and backdrop for the Changing of the Guard.


history of Buckingham Palace

The history of Buckingham Palace goes back over 400 years, has changed hands on numerous occasions and much of the building which remains today is from the original structure built in the early 1700.

Things to see at Buckingham palace :

  • State rooms : a suite of lavishly decorated public rooms in Buchingham Palace where the monarch rewards, receives and entertains her subjects
  • The Grand Staircase : is a highlight of the tour
  • Fine art : On your tour, you’ll come across paintings by Van Dyck, Rubens, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Poussin, Canaletto and Claude as well as sculpture by Canova and Chantrey
  • The throne room : It contains the thrones that are used for investitures and ceremonial receptions such as at The Queen’s Jubilees
  • Flags and Clocks : be sure to keep an eye out for the flag on the roof – there is always one flying above the palace